Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spreading Christmas Cheer!

I LOVE receiving things in the mail (other than bills… yikes). Since I seldom receive envelopes of joy in my mailbox, I make it a point of sending to others what I would love to receive myself. Every Christmas, I make it a personal mission to make and send out Christmas glee to my loved ones by the mail.

This is actually last year’s Christmas card but I thought I would share it with you all anyways!

I decided to make cards using stamps that I would create myself. This was actually my very first attempt at the technique and it turned out quite simple and fun to do. 

You basically have to carve out the design that you want from a rubber block (it actually really looks and feels like an eraser) with a carving tool. It’s a bit tricky at first but I found that I got into the beat of things pretty quickly.

Then, select some ink pads in the colors of your choice and away you go!

I was rather pleased with the final results and my friends and family did enjoy this treat in the mail!


  1. Hi Catherine, you are so clever & great design you've carved with such a steady hand..handmade Christmas cards are so much more special.

  2. By the way...forgot to mention I love your Blog Header!


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