Sunday, November 25, 2012

A special gift for a special friend!

My very special friend Véro is expecting her first child. How exciting! The first baby amongst my friends and family! I wanted to give her (and her baby) something very special for the occasion. What’s more special (and more personal) than a hand-made gift? Nothing, so I decided that I would sew up a baby quilt for the two of them. Something they can use now but also keep for life!

Once again, picking out the fabric is my favourite part! It’s so exciting to chose the different motifs and try to imagine what they will look like once assembled. I just fell in love with the fabric that has the different animals, and what about the yellow fake wood! Love them all!

The longest part of the whole process is actually quilting together the different layers. It’s a tedious but well worth while because the effect is extra comfy and inviting!

A little hand stitched animal on the backside of the quilt really makes for a personalized gift!

Voila! Enjoy my friend (and new tiny friend to come)! A gift from me to you, made with love!

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