Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Christmas countdown!

Happy December to all! Is everyone as excited as I am for a full month of celebrations and good cozy moments with loved ones? I sure hope so!

The advent calendar has always been an important part of my Christmas celebration count-down. For as far as I can remember, my mom has always bought my dad, my sisters and I a chocolate advent calendar. Oh the joy of starting each day with a tiny chocolate that you have to find amongst the scrambles dates. 

This year, I came across a very special, adultish version of my beloved advent calendar. There is this great tea company called David’s Teas, who specialize in loose tea and tea accessories (and who started out in Montreal, Yeah!!!). This Christmas, they came up with this lovely 24 Days of Tea concept. 

I couldn’t help but treat myself to this great calendar that lets you discover a new tea ever day in December up to Christmas.

24 different teas are described along with brewing instructions so each day you can have the joy savouring a new hot cup of happiness.

I guarantee that this 24 Days of Tea is something that every tea lover would be ecstatic to receive and a fantastic to  introduce tea to those who don’t love it yet!


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