Sunday, April 3, 2011

The "Salon Marocain"

The living-room is an extremely important part of every Moroccan household. It's where families gather to share all of their meals, where the tea is served, where  guests are entertained and even where family members can sleep for the night.

The Moroccan living room is always characterized by the banquette type seating that goes around the room, creating tones of seating. Although they all have the same basic shape, it's very interesting to see how each family has their own twist on the banquette. Textures, colors, trims and cousins vary from household to household. It adds a really personal touch to the home and the possibilities are endless.

During my visit to Morocco last fall, I picked up this great architecture and interior design magazine: Maisons du Maroc. It features great decors that mix both traditional and modern elements, with a splash of Moroccan flavor.

This specific number was actually focused on the Moroccan living-room. Great! Here are a couple of  great spaces I wanted to share with you.

Even if these are typically of Moroccan design, I could very well imagine them in a North American home!

I love the great details in the wall texturing.

A cozy nook to relax in!

It’s all about the details!


  1. J'adore la décoration orientale marocaine pour les salons ! merci pour les photos


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