Monday, November 21, 2011

Agadir: Sun, Beach and Fish!

From Marrakech we head west and south bound to the beautiful touristic ocean-side city of Agadir.

The road to destination is dry and winding.

The mountain sides show layers if rock eroded by the years.

Every once in a while you can find the tiniest village snuggled in the hillside.

Agadir is a hot spot for both Morrocan and Europeen touriste but since we were there at the beginning of October, we had the beach almost to our selves! 

October for the beach? Actually, at the beginning of October, the weather is still nice and hot and the water is still perfect for swimming!

The slogan for Morocco: God, the people and the king are written in the hill side and illuminated at night-time. It’s really impressive and gives the city a real mystic feeling.  

Hidden behind the expensive hotels and the fancy restaurants is a snack spot known only by the locals.  Grilled or fried, the daily catch is served up for a super low price that is controlled by the city. This way, the locals can also enjoy some fresh fish goodness without paying the high prices brought on by tourism. 

There are about 25 little restaurants to chose from. You just pick a spot, sit down at the long picnic tables and enjoy!

The fried fish platter is at the controlled price of 34 Moroccan Dihrams, so about 4 Canadian dollars.

After a good nights sleep (from the fresh salty air), nothing like enjoying an almost deserted beach.

The sunset onto the Atlantic ocean is truly a picture perfect setting!

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