Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My very own little summer wedding Part 2

My grandma has this old superstitious saying that if you want to avoid rain, you have to hang a rosary on the close-line. I’m not superstitious but that’s exactly what I did… You know what? The weekend of the wedding was the best weather we had all summer! Thanks grand-ma!

As I mentioned in my last post, we really tried to create a wedding that would embrace both my husband’s culture as well as mine. The wedding was a true melting pot of Moroccan and Canadian bridal traditions.

Here goes for the ceremony.

After the ring exchange, we did a typical Moroccan wedding ritual where the bride and groom feed each other milk and dates.

A toast to the lovebirds!

Canapés in the grass…

Cake time!

Our first dance!!!

Dancing with my daddy!

Us in traditional Moroccan wedding clothing. My dress is actually called a Kaftan. You probably noticed some of our other guests wearing some of these beautiful hand-crafted dresses.

Delicious Moroccan cakes… all baked with love by Amine’s mother. Yummy! And yes, those are actually marzipan stuffed dates!

Instead of having our guests sign a guestbook, I made postcards (all different) on which they all could write a message. My mom then sent us the postcards by the mail… A mailbox full of wedding wishes, how fun!

So that’s my little wedding! I really had a great time putting everything together! It almost makes me want to renew our vows or something…. Just so I can start the planning and the decorating all over again! I hope you enjoyed this little personal slice!

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