Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Good Old County Fair!

This weekend was the annual Cookshire (the home town that I grew up in) County Fair. Established in 1845, it’s one of Quebec’s oldest agricultural exhibitions that still takes place every summer.

I hadn’t been in years so I decided, along with my parents, to renew our old County Fair habits. Just as I had remembered….. hardly nothing has changed. The same old rides (that now seem a lot less challenging), hot-dog stands, cow barns and pie contests as I have in my childhood memories.

So we did the usual round. We looked through the old wood main building where all of the craft making, flower arranging, vegetable growing and pie baking contest winners of exposed. We walked through all of the animal barns and even sat down in the big wooden Grand-Stand to watch a few horse and buggy competitions.

Farm wives expose their gardens nicest flowers, hoping the win the title of the most perfectly shaped bloom! I always loved this section with all of it’s nice and colourful hand-picked floral arrangements.

Here’s for the first prize winning over-all vegetable garden crop.

A little cereal competition never hurt anyone!

The best pies in the county!

The best jams in the county!

The traditional cattle showing.

This one is a fierce competitor!

Some exhibitors put a lot of energy into decorating their stalls. I really like the wild flower arrangement. I think there should be a competition for the nicest stall… lets spruce up the barns a little bit!!!

You can’t go to the County Fair with-out eating some County Fair food! No, no, no I didn’t eat any pogos or onion-rings! However, I did eat a piece of maple sucre à la crème made by a local maple syrup producer. What a real treat!

I hope that you enjoyed this little flash-back into my childhood! I sure had a great time!


  1. Oh what great memories at the fair! Really nice overview of what the fair is all about!

  2. Did you enter anything at the Fair? Maybe next year if they have a category for creme brulee - you should enter :)

  3. Oh !! How many delightful memories brought back when I was a little girl in Birchton. During WW II we went to the Fair in horse & buggy as gas was rationed. Of course at that age we were more interested in the rides and food than in any of the exhibits.


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