Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What decorates my walls!

My home is an eclectic mix of different elements that I’ve collected over the years and through-out my different trips.  I thought that I could show you all a glimpse of some of my favourite things that hang on my walls. Here’s a little tour of my favourite pieces!

The living room

Here is a set of 3 water-colors that I bought on one of my trips to Morocco. These represent scenes from the Essaouira fishing port and were painted on site by a local artist. It’s hard to believe that these cost me only 20$ for the set of three!

This piece is very special to me because it was drawn by my husband. This intricate weave of swirls actually represents Arabic scripts… don’t ask me to translate!

The Hall

This is the very first piece of art that I hung in my very first apartment. A lithography of my home town. A little something my father gave my when I left home to come to university here in Montreal… 9 years ago already! 

This is the poster from my final design exhibition from the University of Montreal. I see it every day and it reminds me of  the four great years that I spent studying industrial design and all of the wonderful people I met during that period of my life.

The Kitchen

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this before, but my father owns some restaurants. This is actually an old breakfast menu that used to hang in one of the restaurants. I worked there many many summers (the morning shift actually) and this really reminds me of my childhood and all of my summers there!

The Bedroom

 This frame really means a lot to me. A few years back, my grandmother gave me the paper dolls that she played with as a child. These are literally about 80 years old. I really loved the faded colors and the detailing of the faces and clothing. I thought that they needed a special place, so I showcased them in this framed montage that hangs on my bedroom wall.

Last but not least, these neat little frames that mimic the old Polaroid pictures. I have a montage of different shots of my husband and I hanging just over our bed. 

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