Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Delights: Snow and Oysters!

How was your weekend? Mine was great!

As most people dread the beginning of winter… I’m always over excited by my first snowflakes. Snow was on the forecast but I didn’t believe it until I awoke this morning to find a white blanket outside. Take out the scarves and the woolly mittens, winter has officially show it’s frosty nose for the first time this year! 

What better way to celebrate the come of the cold days then by warming up by the fire with some tasty oysters!


  1. Beautiful photos, Catherine! But snow? Already?! I live in Texas so we are just now turning on our heat and still mowing our lawns!! What a different world we live in.

    Thanks for sharing on BYW! It's been fun to see the work of fellow classmates.

  2. Popping by from BYW -- Out here in California this post seems positively cozy! The oysters look yummy, too.
    Andrea Ferretti


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