Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Asilah by the sea

Right on the northern west coast of Morocco, Asilah has a Greek Island flare with it’s white houses and blue doors. On the other hand, it’s Spanish culinary influence quickly reminds you that it is so closely situated to Tanger and the southern tip of Spain. 

Asilah is a highly popular vacation spot amongst Moroccans as well as Europeans. The city’s population in the summer is 10 times what it is in the winter. Luckily for us, hardly any tourists had arrived yet, so we got the city all to ourselves!

I love a good Moroccan breakfast.

A small hidden market alley snuggled along the exterior wall of the old medina. 

The old medina is exceptionally clean and well maintained. 

I love henna. It’s a real treat for me to get some of this traditional ornamentation done… It’s also a nice temporary reminder of my Moroccan adventures in the weeks that follow my trip. 

The water is so blue and the sand so white. What a perfect vacation spot…. Especially when we’re the only people on the beach!

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  1. Wow Catherine looks really beautiful ! I had been waiting on a new post for a while now! I LOVE IT!!!


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