Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who’s hungry for a snack?

One on my favourite things in Morocco is the food you can grab in carts right off of the street. Everything from sandwiches to pastries to meat to fruit can be picked up on a street corner and eaten on the spot. 

My advise to anyone visiting Morocco would be to be adventurous and try some of these great foods on the go, and for a price that you won’t believe! 

Potato Omelette : 2Dh (for reference, 1 Canadian dollar = 
8 Moroccan Dirhams)

Steamed Chick Peas seasoned with salt and cumin, served in a paper cone 
(it adds such charm, I swear they taste better because of that!): 2Dh

Chicken Briouates, fried flaky pastry filled with 
chicken and almonds: 3 Dh 

Fried Beignets, a type of doughnut filled with apricot jam 
then dipped in sugar : 2 Dh

Baghrirs, a crepe served with Amlou 
(ground almonds, Argan oil and honey) : 4 Dh 

So next time you’re in Morocco, really, I insist… try everything!

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