Monday, January 17, 2011

Perfect gift ideas for a perfectly new baby

I have a brand new niece! Yahoooo! A new addition to the family and a whole new person to discover! How exciting.

I started browsing gift ideas for the new baby girl. Here are some of my favourites that I found at the online Etsy store.

Hello Mr Owl!

(Fongstudio on Etsy)

I adore these natural wood animal cut-outs!

(Littlealouette on Etsy) 

I‘ve always loved quilts. A baby quilt seems even more special!

 (Pieces of Pine on Etsy)

Personalized natural wood teether.

How cute are these lovely shoes with crocheted flower.

 Hmmmmm… I seem to have a fixation on textiles and wood. Oh well!


  1. hi cath, I do love this post!!
    signed your "baby crazy" sister! xxx


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