Monday, December 13, 2010

Marrakech on a motorbike! Part 2

A good breakfast to start off a day of adventure! Mint tea always included!

On almost every street corner you can find little wooden carts that sell karmousas, which are actually cactus fruits. The vendor just peels away and you can eat as many as you want on the spot. It’s a perfect refreshing snack. I just love street food!

From Marrakech we decided to go on a little excursion in the valley of Ourika. We squeezed into a big white taxi (with 5 other people… yikes) and took the small winding road through the mountains to the village of Setti-Fatma. On the way, the view of the mountains is truly beautiful.

I was very surprised to find a cluster of restaurants nested into the side of the mountains. The exterior seating arrangements could have been taken from a movie. What is better than enjoying a tasty Tajine while seated outside in the shade of a tree while listening to the river trickle below.

This wraps up my trip to Morocco. I must admit that I feel that I only got the chance to see 1% of what there is to visit in this truly exotic and mystical country. I can’t wait to go again to discover so much more.

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