Sunday, November 14, 2010

I left my heart in Casablanca! Part 3

Kisaria Jmiaa is a smaller market that is adjacent to the Kisaria Hafari .  Winding alleyways of food and spices.  Just my kind of thing!

Olives! Olives! Olives!

There is a section where all of the butchers are grouped together. You can go purchase your cut of meat and bring it over to a little stand where another man’s job is to grill the meat for you and serve it up with some grilled tomatoes and onions, bread and mint tea. The lamb chops were my favourite!

Drinking coffee on the terrasse of a café is a daily ritual in the Moroccan way of life (especially for men). That’s exactly what we did at least once every  day.

Remember the little red taxis of Casa? Here is the big taxi. Old white Mercedes (that date back to the 80s) in which you squeeze in 6 passengers plus the driver, so that’s 7. Two people in the front passenger seat and four peolple squeezed into the back banquette. These taxis aren’t used within the city but to travel between cities.

There aren’t very many big grocery stores like we are accustomed to here in North America. Very block has a little store like this one where you can buy anything form vegetables, to shampoo to cigarettes.

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